Database updates & E-shot administration

Managing data is important for your business and as you grow your contacts, we know how easily losing that information can be.

We work on a range of database software (CRM software) for a range of clients, events, and marketing purposes on behalf of our clients.

Working with you / your communications manager we will be able to provide you with a consistent approach to building your databases, creating newsletters and E-shots and directly marketing your business, products and services for you.

Your Business database administration is important, and we take it seriously.

We offer a really practical solution for businesses and have broken it down for you as follows;

1. Existing CRM database support

Suitable for businesses with a CRM system, we can support you by adding data to your CRM, cleansing your database, and updating the database with new raw data.

2. New to CRM / Database for your business?

We recommend you consider the following;

  • CRM system we can advise and support you.
  • Raw data & CRM

3. Administration

We work with your raw data into your existing CRM software.

4. E-shot administration & production:

  • Setup templates with social media links and imagery supporting your business / product
  • Create regular newsletters on your behalf and schedule e-shots
  • Follow status reports and create reports and summary of these for your business information
  • Direct mailing to your existing and forward planning clients on your behalf

We are familiar with a number of CRM systems such as, but not limited to;

  • Zoho
  • Act!
  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp

If you already have your chosen CRM software, let us familiarise ourselves with this and crack on with the project you need us to handle.